Re: Size limit on viewable file?

Hi, Russ!

Sorry to bug everyone again, but i was curious if there was a size
limit on a viewable or editable file?

Yes.  In case of the editor it's 64 Mb.  The viewer is limited by the size
of the file that can be mapped to memory using mmap, so it's in gigabyte

I just tried to view a 2.8 Gb  file and mc blew up. Is there someplace
I can change the default size and recompile?

You can increase MAXBUFF in edit/edit-widget.h and recompile.  It should
be safe as long as you wave enough memory.  The editor loads the whole
file in memory.  If you want to edit that 2.8 Gb file you probably should
use another editor.

I wrote the same thing yesterday to this list.  It's becoming a frequently
asked question.

Pavel Roskin

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