Re: Midnight Commander (mc) problem on RedHat 8

In my install on RH 8.0, I changed the terminal fonts to Lucida Console and 
was able to get rid of the characters.  Very clean looking font.  Try 
different fonts, some will work some won't.  This problem seems to be 
inherent to RH.  Mandrake on same machine here is no problem.  
rlapp optonline net

On Tuesday 21 January 2003 09:12, Pavel Roskin wrote:

I have strange a with a caret (^) signs all over the
place when activating the mc (after telnetting to the Linux machine
from Win200.
any guess why ?

Maybe you are using a UTF-8 locale?  mc doesn't support it yet.  Try
setting LANG=C in the environment before running mc.

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