Re: mc and cygwin

Hello, Rick!

This is newbie question, but I've read the FAQ and I still can't get mc to
display correctly.

Next time please specify the version of mc and your OS.  The output of "mc
-V" can also be useful.

I am running cywin32 (latest version as of two days ago) on a Win2k system.
When I fire up mc in an xterm window I get the correct rendering of the lines,
but the arrow and function keys get misinterpreted about every third or fourth
keystroke (i.e. the down arrow shows up on the command line as "B", the up
arrow as "A", etc.).

It looks like a bug in xterm.  Try using "Learn Keys" from the mc menu to
teach mc the arrow keys.

If I run mc in a bash session then I don't get the correct line drawing (but at
least the keyboard is handled correctly).

I believe you should add CYGWIN=codepage:oem to the environment.  And of
course you can always use "mc -a" if it doesn't help, although it won't be

Pavel Roskin

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