Re: "show directory sizes" gives wrong values - PATCH


Indeed there was an error in sort_size function: it is declared as int,
but it returns a value of the type off_t which may be double. This
results in a casting error and wrong sorting for very big files. The
patch is attached.

Thank you for figuring it out!

I have never heard of the systems where off_t is a double.  off_t is
usually long or "long long".

While at that, I think we should also be concerned about the case when
off_t is unsigned long long, in which case multiplying it by "reverse" (1
or -1) would make no difference.  I've applied a cleaner patch.

Nitpicking: please respect the existing formatting and don't overuse the
"?:" operator if you want your patches to be applied without changes and
under your name.

Pavel Roskin

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