Re: Debian package outdated

Quoting Mathieu Roy <yeupou gnu org>:


I would be nice if a recent mc version was included at least in debian
unstable (including it in testing would be fine too).

Does it have something to do with the fact that in
there's no new release never than mc 4.5.55 (which one is included in
debian stable/testing/unstable)?

At , we can
get a 4.6.0 pre2 version, more than one year beyond mc 4.5.55.

Just for your information, I'll be back from vacation on Saturday, and I'm 
planning to release 4.6.0 by the end of January.  4.6.0-pre2 has a problem with 
AltGr at least on the Linux console.  The fix is in CVS, but I cannot make 
another prerelease from an Internet Cafe :-)

Pavel Roskin

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