Re: esc key

Maybe the delay should be an integer variable in milliseconds?  Different
terminals, different connections and different users will need different delays.

So we need two ini file parameters:


where 0 means "stick forever", 1 means "stick 
for some time" (controlled by esc_delay) and 2 
means "do not stick". For compatibility, 
old_esc_mode should be recognized as an alias 
for esc_mode.


sets the delay for esc_mode=1 in milliseconds.

Perhaps we don't even need a UI for these 
parameters, as they are of limited appeal. I 
think the ini file parameters plus a new item 
in the FAQ would be enough. Can anyone 
implement this quickly? I've never looked into 
handling ini parameters, so I can try but this 
may take a while.

While we are at it, I have also implemented a 
function to clear the contents of the command 
line (with panels) on pressing esc. If the 
above is implemented, I think we can bind this 
function to esc if esc_mode==2. It's very 
convenient, and this is the way most other 
norton-like shells behave. What do you think?
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