esc key

Now that the handling of keys in mc is definitely 
improving, do we still need the old esc-prefixed way of
entering keys as the default? On the other hand, the 
counterintuitive behavior of esc is one of the major
deterrents for newbie users and one of the reasons 
that some people consider mc "weird" and "unusable"
(I'm speaking from experience here). 

There's the "new mode" where esc "sticks" for one
second instead of forever, but this is not a solution.
Many people will never use esc as a prefix, so for them
this one-second delay is just annoying. 

What I propose is this: for backward compatibility, 
keep both "old" and "new" modes as they are, but add a
third more which removes any delays after pressing esc,
and make this mode the default on new installations. 
No new keyboard handling code needs to be written; we
can reuse the code of the "new mode" but with a delay 
set to some small value instead of one second.

This is what I did as a quick workaround, in key.c:

#define ESCMODE_TIMEOUT 1000

instead of the original 1000000. I'm very happy with 
mc since I did this :)

Of course if the "third mode" is implemented we'll need
to add code for handling this option in the ini file 
and in the UI. 

Is there anyone besides be who thinks this will make 
sense? Any counterarguments?

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