Re: patch: remove .. from /

Quoting bulia byak <bulia dr com>:

Pavel, do I need to resend this to devel list and/or submit to the patch
manager? Same question about the quick sort case sensitivity patch? Will they
be included in 4.60?

I have about 200 messages in my mailbox, and I'll be back on January 18.  I'll
do my best to review all the patches.  Whether any particular patch will be
included will depend on the results of the testing and on its "intrusiveness". 
Bigger patches will be left for the next release.

Using patch manager will guarantee that your patch won't be lost if I cannot
review all my mail for some reason.

-     if (!dotdot_found)
+        if (!dotdot_found && strcmp (vfs_canon ("."), "/")) /* do not add ..

This looks reasonable.

Pavel Roskin

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