The patch for file highlighting that I saw on the list is not 
included in pre2. I saw no postings on the list to really argue
its usefulness, so why is it ignored?

I'm asking because I have a few other patches (such as hotkeys in
hotlist) that I would like to contribute, and I just want to know
what is the procedure, and who is ultimately to decide whether to
include something or not. My idea was that the change is first
discussed on the list and if there are no well-founded arguments
against it but there is at least some interest (or the patch is very
small) it should be applied. Am I wrong?

Another question: some time ago we were discussing an external
keybindings configuration through a config file (i.e. without source
patching and recompilation). If I remember it correctly, Pavel wrote
that it's not difficult and that he can implement that in a next
version. Can anyone please tell me what is the status of this? 

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