Cursor color

I did not found the way how to set up color of the cursor in edit.
Because in my SSH shell cursor is blue, as is mcedit window backround,
I was not able to edit text files.

I looked at list archives etc, found couple threads, and managed 
to set up colors which I like, with white background:


All is fine as long as I edit text files. When editing perl code,
perl syntax highliting comes to play. 
Of course it is optimized for blue background, with light-color ink.

I found colors for syntax highlighting, at /usr/lib/mc/syntax/perl.syntax.
Looks I have to dive in and change all yellow to blue or something.

I am sick to make this many changes.
Is there a way to change the cursor's color to like RED or so)
so I can revert to default dark blue background, 
but still can see cursor somehow in edit window?

I do not know if it matters, I use SSH Secure shell 2.3 on Windows 2000,
mc is 4.5.51. MC thinks I am using VT100 terminal. 
What else should I research to know how my clors are set up?


Peter Masiar, 

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