Re: static mc


First I love mc, and always have 2 or 3 opened on my desktop.
This email concerns the static version requests.

In previous digests it was written:

As for the "stand-alone version", it's possible to link glib statically,
as well as other libraries.

It would be nice to compile against static glib, but it needs to be done
manually.  For example, move shared glib library temporarily to some other
place.  Another approach is to redefine GLIB_LIBS, e.g.

make GLIB_LIBS=/usr/local/lib/libglib.a

I have experimented with compiling mc 4.6.0 statically
to put on a rescue cdrom.

This was the method I used:

1.  First make a glib-2.0 with static libs enabled:
          ./configure --enable-static
              and install

2.  Next configure mc:
       ./configure --disable-shared --without-x

     Then go thru toplevel Makefile and src/Makefile,
         and add -static to the LIBS line
          LIBS = -static

It produced an mc that was 1.18 megs stripped, and I further
reduced it by applying upx to it. It ended up 528k.

It runs fine from the harddrive, but when I try to run it from
a boot cdrom, I get some error (Can't remember offhand),
but I think it has to do with gtk2; because a similar older mc,
from gtk1 days dosn't give a problem.

Keep up the great work.

use Perl;  #powerful programmable prestidigitation

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