Re: bold colors


in the .mc/ini file I'm able to change all colors without problems. But
is there an ability to change a color to bold? Example:


or something else...

Is this possible? If not, would it be easy to change this in the

The "bold" attribute just makes the color bright.  The terminal can make
the font bold, but there is no interface in S-Lang and ncurses that would
allow you to have, for example, red, bright red, bold red and bold right
red on the came screen.

You could try using the "underline" (or some other) attribute and then
modify the terminal to make it use a different font instead of

If you want to do something like that I suggest that you write a little
test program and make sure that it's possible at all.  Test programs for
ncurses would be a good starting point.

Once you know that it's possible, modifying mc shouldn't be very hard.
The array for keeping additional attributes already exists - it's called
attr_pairs.  It's only used when mc is compiled with ncurses.  Read the
attributes from the config file and put them into that array.

Pavel Roskin

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