Re: a little improvement for the future


By now mc creates users' temp directories with the names /tmp/mc-$USER.
It'll be even better to create one folder in /tmp, e.g. /tmp/mc with
1777 mode and put there $USERs' temp directories

Could you explain the reasons?  Do those reasons apply to KDE programs
that create /tmp/kde-$USER directories?

I think every extra directory is just another possibility for things to go
wrong if that directory has wrong permissions.

I think that having /tmp/$USER directory for every user with 0700 mode
would be more useful because the permissions of anything under those
directories would be irrelevant.

However, I believe that /tmp/$USER should be standardized in some form
(e.g. in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard) before mc can use it.

Pavel Roskin

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