Re: Correct command to update from CVS


On Thu, 6 Feb 2003, Steven P.Ulrick wrote:

Hello, Everyone :)
This is the command that I use to update from the other four CVS's that
I update from:
cvs -f update -R -d '.' 2>&1

When I attempt to update from the CVS for Midnight Commander using the
same command, it just hangs there and does nothing.

I could not reproduce this problem.  It works for me, even in the form you
are using.

When I tried the command on the web site, needless to say, I ended up
with an entirely new copy of the CVS.  Any help you can give me will be
greatly appreciated :)

Please be more detailed next time.  Not everybody has time to figure out
what command on which website you mean.  You are limiting the number of
people who can help you by not giving enough details.

I believe that "the entirely new copy" is what you need.  Run "cvs update"
in that directory to update it.

Please run "info cvs" and read the CVS documentation.

Pavel Roskin

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