Re: Garbage on command line

On Sat, 20 Dec 2003, A.J. Bonnema wrote:

I did not edit ~/.mc/ini manually. I used mc and clicked the option for
teach keys. I then get the change to teach each key, and when all keys
are successful I automatically get a dialog to save the keys.

Provided I redefined the "-" and "+" keys on the keypad, the problem
dissappears. I can select and deselect to my hearts content without
having the letter M appear or the + or -.

But as soon as I quite mc and restart it, the problem is there again.


I am resubmitting this. I expect it got overlooked somehow. Is there a
permanent solution to this?

I'm not aware of such solution.  I don't think your post was overlooked.
It just became to hard to understand.  There are very few people here who
are ready to read the whole thread to understand what your problem is.
Just put yourself in the position of other subscribers.  Would you help
somebody who corrects the story in every post?

It would be more effective to describe the problem as you see it now,
coherently, without referring readers to your previous posts.  Include the
details that you think may be relevant.

Maybe you should remove the section for your terminal from ~/.mc/ini (i.e.
everything from [terminal:$TERM] to the next empty line), start mc and see
how the keys work.  Then use "learn keys" and only tech mc the keys that
are not recognized automatically.  See what you have in ~/.mc/ini.  Exit
mc.  Check /.mc/ini again.  Start mc.  See if the keys are working
correctly.  Post the contents of the section.

Pavel Roskin

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