Re: Saving ~/.mc/ini

Quoting Dmitry Semyonov <Dmitry Semyonov oktet ru>:

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, Charles Howse wrote:

After re-install completes, I open MC, change (any) setting, and select
"Save Setup" to create the ~/.mc/ini file.
Then I copy the saved copy over the new file.
This isn't working at all for me, my customized settings are not being
restored, I must re-customize every time.

Just close _all_ mcs on your machine, and copy ini file via cp command
from shell.

MC can work in two modes: "autosave setup" ON and OFF. 
(in F9PullDn >> Options >> Configuration...)
If you use mc to copy ~/.mc/ini file from backup, and you have autosave on,
when you exit ms it will overwrite ini file you just copied with configuration
as it was when mc was activated. It confused me at first, too.

I prefer to autosave off, then you can use mc to copy ini file, 
exit/restart mc, and your customizations is as copied. 

There is a catch: 
* if autosave is off
* and you do some customizations, 
* and forget F9 >> Options >> Save setup,
==> your customizations will be lost when you exit mc.

Is it clear now, or even more confusing? ;-)

Peter Masiar
See intro to MC and "white theme colors" at


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