redhat 8 and console

I used the rpm to load the latest mc onto Redhat 8.  It works fine in a
Gnome terminal  but not in the console, outside of the windows
environment.  In the latter case, there are no borders and the 
background color does not complete cover all areas of the mc 
window--in particular the mini-status window along the bottom of the 
screen.  Also, the twodirectory windows are butted right up against 
each other--which I guess goes with the fact that there are no borders 
to separate them.  

Are there settings that I can change  to improve the appearance?

It works fine, by the way, from a telnet terminal--except for the fact
that, as another user reported a while back, the background color 
doesn't  cover over all erased areas--which I handled by changing the 
telnet client's background color to that of mc.  (I use putty)  The color 
in case anyone is interested is :
    0 0 187 (rgb)


Myron Turner

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