RFC: File Properties Dialog?

I dug through the archives but haven't seen any mention
of this:

Instead of having Chmod, Chown, Advanced Chown(?) et al
wouldn't it be better to just have one Properties dialog,
like an editable info panel?
Something like this:

File:       foobar.fu          <-- editable
Location:   1646h:8640h
Mode:       -rwxr-xr-x (0755)  <-- editable
Links:      4
Owner:      miven              <-- editable
Group:      miven              <-- editable
Size:       128
Created:    Sep 29 10:51
Modified:   Sep 29 10:51
Accessed:   Sep 29 04:03
Filesystem: /home
Device:     /dev/hdd6
Type:       ext3
Free space: 193M (25%) of 756M
Free nodes: 84184 (85%) of 98496

It certainly is not urgent, but has this ever occurred to
anyone else?

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