Re: Survey for all GNU Midnight Commander users

Hi Pavel,

On Fri, 27 Sep 2002 18:04:41 -0400 (EDT), Pavel Roskin writes:

   Pavel> ...I want to hear from you if you can answer
   Pavel> "yes" to one of the following questions:
   Pavel> 1) Do you use mcserv?


   Pavel> 2) Do you use the background operations?


   Pavel> 3) Do you use the directory tree?


   Pavel> 4) Do you use the native Windows port?


   Pavel> If you are unsure, assume "no".

I'm actually not sure about 2)

   Pavel> Please don't ask what the above questions mean.

Well, I won't

   Pavel> Thank you in advance for your participation.

Thank you for your useful work


Luis Octavio Silva P.
St. Petersburg State University.
66/3 Botanicheskaya St., Apt.119/2
Stary Peterhof
St. Petersburg, Russia.

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