Getting a White (vs. Gray) Background

I asked this question several months ago, I just wanted to see if 
anything changed or anyone has any additional information.

I am not an "active" user of mc -- because for me the colors make it 
hard to read.  At one point I learned (from people on this list and 
others) how to change the colors, but the bottom line was that the 
brightest background available for many of the "panels" is gray which 
leaves it too dark for me to read.  I want to get a white background.

When I use(d) mc on Sourceforge (it's been a while) over ssh, the mc 
background is white, in fact it is very usable.  I don't know whether 
they (Sourceforge) have modified the mc source or there is some "quirk" 
associated with using mc over ssh that makes the background white.

I've had trouble getting Sourceforge to respond to me on that point 
(filed a trouble report x months ago), never got a response.  (One of 
their honchos sort of wrote to me recently (well it probably wasn't 
really the honcho) on a different subject -- I think I'll write to him 
and ask about it again.

Anything new since then?  (I have vague thoughts about trying to patch 
mc myself, but I probably don't have the time or skills to 
really follow through.)

Randy Kramer

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