Re: Midnight Commander for AIX 4.3


On Fri, 13 Sep 2002 ron martins cgey com wrote:

After fighting with this all afternoon, I'm still having problems compiling
Midnight Commander for AIX 4.3.  Probably because I'm not a programmer,
just a lowly sys admin.  Is it possible to download the binary?  If not,
and if it's not too large, perhaps some kind soul could e-mail the binary?

I don't know if those "kind souls" with AIX binaries are reading this
list, but maybe you could just report the problems, so that they are

If you want to try, please use 4.6.0-pre1 or the current snapshot.

I actually have a patch for AIX sent by some AIX user, but I cannot apply
it to the mainstream sources because there are some strange things in the 
patch that I don't understand and cannot recheck.

Maybe you could give me access to your AIX system for a short time so that
I could compile MC and fix the remaining issues?

Pavel Roskin

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