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I have just written a document about using mailing lists.  Your choice of
the subject has inspired a whole paragraph of that document!  You can read
it online here:

Comments will be appreciated.

I use the cm and i think that is very good, but I think olse that it
will be interesting to hace the posibility to copy files from the firs
windows to de second with olsy using the mouse, arrastring
(arrasatrando) the files, like in the norton commander.

You are the first person requesting this feature, if I remember correctly.  
However, I visited my friends this weekend and saw them operating Windows
Commander almost exclusively by the mouse.  They both use mc at work, and
I guess they would like this feature in mc as well.

I'm not sure about gpm on the Linux console, but I think that it can be
implemented in xterm and xterm-like terminals, which implement tracking of
mouse movement.

However, the mc developers are very busy working on the next stable
release, so this feature is unlikely to be implemented soon unless some
new developers join the team.

Pavel Roskin

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