Re: file coloring


On Fri, 25 Oct 2002, Russell wrote:

bulia byak wrote:

Some time ago someone (sorry I forgot the name) posted a patch that
would let mc to color filenames in the panels depending on the
extension. Is this patch included in the last version of mc? If not, I
would vote for it, as it's very useful and convenient. Also, I have
extended that code to support 16 file types instead of the original 4;
if someone is interested I can prepare a patch (against 4.5.55).

I'm using 4.5.55. You can do the colors. Type "mc --help-colors",
or press F1 in mc and look for color settings in the contents.

I have to agree with Andrew - "extension" is a foreign word on UNIX.  
Some users don't understand this word, as the above paragraph shows.

Having this support in the sources will result in "contributors" with
DOS/Windows background flooding mailing lists with patches to "highlight"  
their favorite extensions ("please make *.mp3 green!").  And we only have
16 colors, some (most!) of which are already taken (black - pipe, magenta
- device, green - executable, red - core etc).

Pavel Roskin

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