MC and vfs+dialog-boxes ?


i know it will not be so hard to make MC work over ssh.. the only problem is how I can pop to user a dialog 
where it can enter ...

name ip-address

for the browsing part i know that what is needed is to display the result in specified format...
but is dialog mode achievable in some way ?!

O yeah... after I browsed the arhives i found these "fishes" :"), works great ... exactly what I wanted, but 
my question still stay... how to use & handle DIALOG-boxes from inside MC...

I want this so that for example i can make FireBird DB browser.... there have to be some way to enter manualy 
SQL statements.. or at least access some predified one !

thanx in advance

- is there  other kay for auto-completion, I can't use  Alt+Tab under console-running on X, 'cause Gnome uses 
Alt-Tab for app switching  
-As i saw in the FAQ how to paste from X to MCEDIT with shift+middle-click (or simultaneously left+right on 
2-button mouse),  but how can I paste from X to mcedit...
I'm using middle click for all other apps

- On the most dialog-boxes there is  [^], how can I access it with the keyboard ?!

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