Re: Changing colors

Sometime it also helps to read the parts of the message you are quoting.
"man xterm" describes how to set standard colors.

I've spent hours setting .Xresources and using editres to view and set
various widget colour settings, but i think mc is getting its own colours
from elsewhere. And anyway, i can't even set the background color of mc
on a normal linux (non-x) console.

It's not widget color settings.  It's color0-color15.  I thought you would
find it.  Following settings make colors in xterm similar to those on the
Linux console:

XTerm*color0: #000000
XTerm*color1: #b21818
XTerm*color2: #18b218
XTerm*color3: #b26818
XTerm*color4: #1818b2
XTerm*color5: #b218b2
XTerm*color6: #18b2b2
XTerm*color7: #b2b2b2
XTerm*color8: #686868
XTerm*color9: #FF5454
XTerm*color10: #54FF54
XTerm*color11: #FFFF54
XTerm*color12: #5454FF
XTerm*color13: #FF54FF
XTerm*color14: #54FFFF
XTerm*color15: #FFFFFF

I'm understanding the colour settings better now. In, on the left pane, the
line with "/.." (and all other directories) are shown in blue. How do i
change that colour? (eg, to the background colour)


Next time please read the output of "mc --help-colors" more carefully.  
Note that some settings are undocumented for historic reasons, for example 
the editor colors, but you can find those settings in src/text.c.

Pavel Roskin

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