Re: Changing colors

Pavel Roskin wrote:


On a normal text console, if i do any of:
  mc -C yellow,green
  mc -C normal=yellow,green
  mc -c -C normal=yellow,green

then i still get a blue background and grey/white text.

"normal" affects only regular files.  You need to redefine more colors to
change the background everywhere.

I just tried:  mc -C yellow,green  today and it worked on a normal console
and in an xterm. Don't know why it didn't before.
The same thing happens in an xterm, but the background is a light
steel-blue that i want to make darker. What am i doing wrong?

xterm uses its own colors.  Read documentation for xterm to change them or
use another terminal that supports palette switching, such as konsole and

I've read the manuals in the /usr/doc/mc directory on debian (FAQ.gz) and
looked on the net, but there's nothing about setting the background colour.

mc --help-colors  gives a list of options, but nothing affects the
background colour of the left and right viewing panes. How can i
do this?

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