Re: MC and linear transfer problem


OS: HP-UX 10.20
mc: version 4.5.33

This version is very old.

That may be, but not all more actual versions than 4.5.33 run well 
under HP-UX 10.20. That's the other side of the street...

It's because nobody reported the bugs on HP-UX properly.  Take the latest
snapshot, compile it and report all problems you find, and they will be
fixed in the next version, unless they are too hard to fix or your report
is incomplete.

That's how it works with FreeBSD (I have a guy who reports me breakages
days after they happen), that's how it works with AIX, which should have
working subshell now, that's how it works with Solaris, when breakage with
tcsh was reported within hours after it was committed to CVS.

But it doesn't work with HP-UX, if what you are saying is true.  4.5.33 is
more than 2 years old, and I don't remember any bugreports about HP-UX.  
I just scanned the mail archives of both mc and mc-devel lists for
"HP-UX", and I don't see any single bugreport.

If you care about mc support for your platform, report the problems.  If
you don't care, nobody will.

By asking for the changes that fixed your problem rather than by testing
the current code, you are demonstrating that you don't trust the mc
development team with improving the code.

I cannot answer for others, but I won't give you that information.  If you
don't trust me, then be consistent and don't ask me, but rather check the
differences between versions yourself.

Pavel Roskin

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