Re: MC and linear transfer problem


OS: HP-UX 10.20
mc: version 4.5.33

This version is very old.

When running mc and trying to get files from a site via ftp then it
happens that in cases where mc shows a bottom line with the text of
about "starting linear transfer" then mc hangs at the end of getting the
first file.

Besides the fact of hanging under the described circumstances mc doesn't
set the local file settings to those of the remote file.

Is this a general problem of mc?

I don't know what a "general problem" means.  FTP support in mc has never
been very reliable.  It's getting better, but I believe it's still true
that a misbehaving FTP server can hang mc.

I would say that the "general problem" is that a lot of code wasn't
written with reliability and security in mind.  But that's the code we
have.  Things are improving, but slowly.

Has this been solved in other mc versions?

I don't know about this problem, but almost every released version of GNU
Midnight Commander included some fixes for VFS and FTP support in

Pavel Roskin

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