RE: Midnight Commander on Sun Sparc 2.5 with SunOS5

On Mon, 7 Oct 2002, Xu, Qiang (XSSC SGP) wrote:

Here is the error picture captured from my screen. 

I have fixed this problem in CVS.  The image was too big, so I could not
allow it to be sent to the list.  The error message was about function
snprintf() in vfs_s_resolve_symlink(), file vfs/direntry.c.

Indeed, snprintf() is unportable.  g_snprintf() from glib should be used 
instead.  We had this problem already.  Whoever put snprintf() there, 
please take note of this fact.

The snapshot with the fix will be uploaded as soon as I fix unrelated 
problems that prevent the testsuite from passing.  Hopefully it will 
happen within the next hour.

You can simply replace snprintf with g_snprintf in vfs/direntry.c.

Pavel Roskin

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