RE: midnight bug - feature request

Hi, again!

It will be fine if you upload patches somethere and give us 
URLs. Your changes will be never commited to CVS until you 
produce patches. It is not too hard to produce patches and it 
saves a lot of time for developers because it is more clear 
what is changed. On other hand I will never download too 
tarballs just to see 
differences. It will take some days to download over 33.6 
Kbod modem. And don't use zip, please.  This one is not from 
Unix world.
You are right, but I don't know the way to do patch files. Actually a
friend of me offered to make the patches.
Anyway it is good to see new contributors here.  Go ahead, 
and we will help.

I've found a bug in my patches. The updated distribution can be
downloaded from:

Here is a diff file, I don't know if it is usable, or not, I should tell
you again, I'm not familiar with creating patches, distributing

We will send a real patch version, too, as soon as possible.


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