RE: midnight bug - feature request


I've read in the archive, that somebody else has asked 
for position 
saving before. You told, that there's no really need for 
it. I don't 
think so: all the people I know using Midnight told me during our 
conversations, that it would be a good feature.

Max Schedriviy even proposed a patch.

I've made two patches:

bracket matching
the original version highlights just the matching bracket. my version
highlights both the current and matching brackets. additionally when you
are on the next character after a closing bracket, it works like if you
are on that bracket. i think it works great, and _very_ usable. bracket
jumping (Meta/Alt-B) is working the same way: if you are after a closing
bracket, it jumps to its matching opening bracket.

file position saving
the original version doesn't stores file position. my version, based on
Max Schedrivy's patch above, can save file positions for the last 1024
files edited. Max's version just stored file line, i improved it to
store column, too. file position saving can be turned on/off in the
editor's configuration, at the "General" options.

You can download my version from:

The version I've patched:

I'm not really tested them, I'm glad to get bug reports! I think no
problem can be with bracket matching, but position saving is more

Warning, warning! :)) Actually it was my first adventure in the world of
C, these are my first usable lines in C, so please look my patches like
this (I'm normally programming in the wonderful Perl). Additionally I'm
not familiar in developing and distributing programs under Linux, so the
downloadable version (the zip file) is all the files I got after a "make
clean" command. Makefiles are still exists. I think I should remove the
all and some other files, too, but I don't want to do it one-by-one, and
don't know the way to do it automagically.

If somebody can make a patch file from the above, or can make a diff, I
think these patches can be useful for other users, too.

Have fun with them! (If you find useful my patches, please, please tell
me. :)

I'm not on the devel list, just the mc@, so please send me a copy mails
on that list about this thread - thanks.


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