Re: Access of FTP directories having only x permission

On Thu, Nov 21, 2002 at 12:39:33PM -0500, Pavel Roskin wrote:
Hello, Michael!

Hello  :)

Normally if you know an exact filename in above described directory MISC
then in command line ftp clients you can access the file.  How can this
be done with mc too?

For some reason I prefer to use mc for it.  Thanks in advance.

You didn't give any reasons why you prefer to do it in mc.  You can add a

It's because mc keeps the time stamps of the remote files (and of the 
remote directories when these are selected too) when having them 
copied to the local directory.  

A VERY NICE feature ;-)

wget command to the menu.  The mc manual describes the syntax of the menu.  
In particular, you may need to use %D - the directory name of the
unselected panel.

If you want to use the mc VFS to get the file, then you probably need to
modify the "copy" dialog to ask for the source file.  If it's a text file,
you can use "Open file..." in the editor.

I need the access to those files (as described) only when handling ftp 
copying (VFS, ftpfs). So it seems not so easy to achieve (reading your 
lines). Or am I misunderstanding you? Is it easier as it looks like?

Have a nice day

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