Re: bug in pre1


Have a bug in menu->command->Find file:
Start at: .
Filename: *
Content: *bleble
or other: +cos
enter OK and display ERROR: Malformed regular expression 
and window "find file" is closed.

You forgot to explain what is a bug in your opinion.

If the bug is that the window is closed, then I agree.  The widget library 
used in mc closes the dialog whenever a button is pressed, regardless if 
the values in the dialog are valid or not.

I have added this bug to the TODO list for version 4.6.1.  This doesn't
mean that it will be fixed.  It merely means that 4.6.1 won't be released
until it's fixed (and the release may not happen in our lifetime).  Your
help will be appreciated.  There are too few contributors working on
fixing important bugs listed in the TODO file.

Pavel Roskin

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