RE: midnight bug - feature request :))


Either you have two different mc executables, or they are run
You are right. The working midnight commander is version 4.5.99a. The
snapshot versions have the bug.

The snapshot uses the S-Lang library 1.4.5 included with the sources.

 mc recently switched the internal S-Lang to version 1.4.5 - 
that can be the reason.
I don't understand it.

S-Lang is the library responsible for screen output (  mc
can be linked against an already installed S-Lang library, but the mc
sources include a stripped down S-Lang library that is used if S-Lang is
not installed or cannot be used for some reason.  Those included sources
were upgraded recently.

Teraterm Pro.  It uses vt220.
It seems to works well, except the colors are totally different (red
background - no blue, etc).

Good catch!  This should be reported to S-Lang developers.  My recent 
patch to S-Lang may be responsible for that.  This goes to my TODO list.

Sorry, I'm too busy to add new features, even to discuss them, but I do
care about regressions.  I wish you to learn C, and I'll welcome you as a
new developer when you do.

Pavel Roskin

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