Re: Software platform for mc development.

I think that we need somebody using fresh mc on Debian and reporting bugs.  
I know that the UTF-8 patch for S-Lang used in Red Hat 8.0 originated on
Debian, so I expect that Debian may have similar problems as Red Hat 8.0,
at least in UTF-8 locales.  Maybe I'll install Debian soon for testing.

Hum, I do not use UTF-8 but I do not run but woody/sarge. I need to
test it but no recent packages are available. I'll soon compile it
from sources. 

The relevant part is that no amount of good engineering and programming
experience can replace formal testing.  That's why the developers should
use different systems.  Asking "what are you guys using, I'll use it too"  
is exactly the wrong approach for a potential developer.

That's right.
Mathieu Roy
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