Re: Software platform for mc development.

Pavel Roskin <proski gnu org> a tapoté :

Hi, Christian!

(Sorry, maybe I shouldn't capitalize your name.  Strange, I thought even
impersonal nouns are capitalized in German.  I'm confused.)

not meaning to overly annoy you, but:

I'm not annoyed by direct discussion without hidden information here and

[...], I'd certainly consider moving to whatever the development
team is using.

I don't see any logic here.

there might be some merits to the way carl thinks, though:

I agree that there might be some merits.  Especially if he stated if he is
going to help with development or he just wants to get the most stable mc.

(I think my suggestion would be Debian unstable for development and
Mandrake 9.0 for stability.)

I'm only a mc user.

I have several boxes running RedHat 7.3 and Debian testing.
I find thoses distribs stables. 

For stability, I personally recommand toi avoid Mandrake, since it has
already happened several time that they shipped untested packages in
their main distro and cooker, where you can get fresh new packages via
urpmi, brings usually untested packages (my brother broke his whole
installation a week ago with this). RedHat and Debian official package
are generally well tested, especially RedHat kernels that generally
includes good Alan Cox's patches before Linus does.

But that's only a point of view based on experience of Mandrake distro

And generally, on the subject, you'll find many different valuable
point of view. I could say too that I find the RedHat configuration
tools more usable with old computers that Mandrake ones (no such
softwares in Debian).

not too long ago, you mentioned something like taking out the
shadow password support out of mcserv. 'my' distribution is
slackware, out of inertness, maybe; and slack still uses shadow
passwords. shouldn't i, for one, be better off using a
distribution 'accepted' by the mc developers - in the long run?

Maybe, in the "middle run".  If I had slackware around I would probably
have re-added shadow passwords, just "because I can".  I really don't want
to have anything security related that the users say doesn't work and I
cannot fix without spending significant efforts on it (I didn't even have
spare place on the hard drive back then).

I was thinking that by default, RedHat, Mandrake and Debian use shadow


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