RE: editing a file - colour problem

(Umm, I might have to alter my settings! I've registered my work address but
I'm at home UFN!)

Here are some more details, which I hope will be meaningful...

I access both RH6.1 & RH7.1 boxes via a Windoze XP box using PuTTY which
gives me an xterm, and indeed echo $TERM confirms this.

RH7.1, I'm using mc 4.5.55, RH6.1 is version 4.5.42

As I said, the RH6.1 mc works as expected. I'm not sure of it's history :- I
installed mc on the RH7.1 box using a Red Hat RPM...

I'll be quite happy to investigate the guts of whats going on (although an
answer would be nicer!) :- but I need help on knowing where to look.



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