weirdness with cd in user menu


I am trying to get the following menu item to work:

= t d
U       Unmount current directory
        cd ..
        umount %d

Somehow, the 'cd' does not seem to work. If I select the menu item from
within the /rio folder, I get:

juergen aquarius:/rio$ /tmp/mcusrjxZQvd
umount: /rio: device is busy

So the script changes to /, but mc stays in /rio, making it impossible
to unmount it. I tried to replace 'cd' with '%cd' because the docs
seemed to indicate that a macro of this name might do what I need, but
all I get is this:

juergen aquarius:/rio$ /tmp/mcusrWqD40b
/tmp/mcusrWqD40b: d: command not found
umount: /rio: device is busy

Does anyone know how I could make a menu item that unmounts the current

Thanks in advance


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