Re: My problem or a bug in MC ?

On Wed, 20 Mar 2002, Virgil Timoc wrote:


 This is a known problem with RH72.

 Solutions: either build a newer mc yourself, or 
        chmod u+s /usr/lib/mc/bin/cons.saver
 The 1st one will allow you to see real content of the subshell, the 2nd one
will just cure hangups, but you won't see the real content of subshell when
you do Ctrl-O.

 Best regards,

This is my problem:

I've just installed an 'out of the box' Red Hat Linux
7.2 with the mc build version 4.5.51.

When I use a normal user account (any user), MC hangs
when pressing C-o (I enter the shell mode but there is
no response from the keyboard) and I have to kill Mc
from another console.
A more detailed view at what happens, from what I
could tell is that when pressing C-o MC indeed
launches the 'bash' as his child (the screen goes
black and the prompt appears OK) and also lauches
'cons.saver' also as it's child.
For whatever reason the hole tty now hags up and there
nothing else I can do on that tty.

When I use root there is no problem, everything works
just fine with C-o.

What is my mistake, is there  some problem with the
permissions ????????? 

I tried making another user but the same problem

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