Re: 2 questions


It should be suid root.  Use "chmod +s" to make cons.saver suid root.

Did that, but still have no new options in Layout, be it as root or as a user...

Then debug it.  Make sure that cons.saver is run from cons.saver.h, then 
add code to cons.saver.c so that it would stop and wait.  Attach gdb to 
already running cons.saver and see why it's unhappy.

I simplified cons.saver.c recently and removed support for ancient 
kernels.  It should be easier to understand, so upgrading to the current 
snapshot is recommended at least to understand the problem.

No.  Support for X libraries is limited to reading keyboard modifiers
(Shift, Alt, Ctrl), and even that is disabled by default, because if mc is
linked against shared libX11, in won't work without libX11, which may be
an unreasonable requirement for some users.

Please give me a pointer as to where in the source to look for enabling
X linking. I may try to implement a primitive X clipboard copying
myself, as I really need it a lot. Any suggestions are welcome.

Configure mc with --with-tm-x-support - this will enable linking of 
libX11, so you would have access to all functions from libX11.  I think 
that the clipboard support should be implemented separately for editor and 
dialog inputs.

For the editor, look how copy and insert are implemented for files.  
Look for CK_Save_Block and CK_Insert_File events - you will need 
something similar, just replace file access with clipboard operations.

Working with X Clipboard is not trivial.  You can check how X widget 
libraries like gtk+ do it.

In case you don't know (sorry if you do), you can read mc FAQ, question
3.2.  But that's not really an interaction between mc and X - the text is
tranferred between terminal and X clipboard, and mc is just ignored.

This is lame, I want to be able to do this from keyboard...

Then good luck!

Pavel Roskin

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