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Thanks Pavel,
I found the problem, $HISTCONTROL was being set in bash.bashrc:

    # Do not save dupes in the bash history file

This must have been added with SuSE 8.0 because it only became a problem
after the last upgrade, ive changed this to HISTCONTROL=ignoreboth which
fixes the problem.

thanks again


On Wed, 10 Jul 2002, Pavel Roskin wrote:

Hi, Adam!

is there any way to stop mc from filling up my bash history with:

PROMPT_COMMAND='pwd>&9;kill -STOP $$'
cd "`echo -e 
cd "`echo -e '\057\165\163\162\057\154\151\142'`"
etc etc

mc-4.5.55 sets environment variable HISTCONTROL to "ignorespace".  Either
it's not set by MC due to a bug, or it's unset in your statup scripts, or
your bash ignores it.  Run this command from mc:


Try setting HISTCONTROL=ignorespace and then check if bash remembers in
its history commands starting with a space.

Pavel Roskin

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