Re: mcfs +ssh

Hi, Jones!

 I  just here for a little stop to ask you something, I could not answer
 myself after _some_ searching for mcfs +ssh: is it possible?

Forget mcfs.  It's a non-standard protocol that is supported only by MC.  
It really should be retired and removed from the sources to eliminate
confusion, but it's useful for testing VFS (virtual filesystem support)  
exactly because it's a simple mc-specific protocol.

You should be able to tunnel mcfs connections over ssh, but it's a strange 

 How  can  I  scp  and  use  mc?  Maybe first I have to setup ssh as a
 ftp-proxy?  As  you  see I don╢t exactly have an idea how it could be
 done, so could please anyone help me?

I don't quite understand from your words what's wrong with FiSH.  Maybe
it's insufficiently documented and you are not aware of its existance?

 btw I really wondered that this question is not a fa one...

No, although it's already the second request to incorporate ssh
functionaly into mc within a few days.

Pavel Roskin

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