GNU Midnight Commander 4.6.0-pre2 released

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GNU Midnight Commander 4.6.0-pre2 has been released.  This is hopefully
the last milestone on the way to the forthcoming "formal" release 4.6.0.
The only changes expected in 4.6.0 are in the documentation and
translations.  If we find serious bugs, they will be fixed, too.

If you have any bugs to report, please use the bug tracking system:

If you have any patches, please put them to the patch manager:

Of course, if you want to discuss an issue, please use mailing lists.

The news for the release:

- - Security.
        - mc now creates its own temporary directory /tmp/mc-$USER.
          If it fails or permissions are wrong, the user is warned.

- - Portability.
        - mc now complies with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard and
          uses @prefix@/share/mc for the data files.
        - Support for glib 2.0.x has been added.
        - glib 1.2 is now properly detected on FreeBSD.

- - Core functionality.
        - Fixed segmentation fault when displaying messages from
          background operations.
        - When using support for setting the last working directory of
          mc in the parent shell, "mc" is now an alias in all shells,
          not a function.  The "-P" option needs an argument now.
        - Alt-O sets the same directory on the other panel.
        - Current directory is shown in the xterm window title.

- - Screen libraries.
        - Screen library is now selected by the option --with-screen.
        - X11 support is enabled by default, use --without-x to disable.
        - The keycode now contains information about all screen
          modifiers.  This allows to implement more shortcuts, but this
          work has just begun.
        - Included S-Lang library has been updated to version 1.4.5.
        - Mouse wheel is supported in the internal editor and viewer in
          xterm compatible terminals that implement wheel events.

- - Editor.
        - Internal editor now saves the cursor position in the file.
        - New syntax rules - RPM specfile, m4.
        - Editor shows control characters in the caret notation.

- - VFS.
        - Most extfs scripts have been reviewed and improved.
        - Fixed viewing and editing files on mcfs.
        - Support for termnet and HSC firewall has been removed.

- - Documentation.
        - Polish manual has been added.

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Pavel Roskin
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