Re: mc 4.6.0.p1:


with the new release I miss a functionality I had used with mcc-4.5.55.

In list mode I could "copy'n'paste" a higlighted item with CTRL-Return
to the commandline.

This does work no longer in the newest version.

Or did I something badly wrong ???

Yes, you did something badly wrong!  Your report is incomplete and
insufficient to reproduce the error.  I have no idea what the "list mode"  
is.  There is no phrase "list mode" in the sources of Midnight Commander.
Any reports involving keyboard or screen problems should mention the
output of "mc -V", the value of TERM and include information about the
terminal program.  Also it's easier for you to mention your OS, processor
and compiler versions than for me to guess them if they are relevant.

Recommended reading:

How to Report Bugs Effectively, by Simon Tatham

Pavel Roskin

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