viewer/editor problems in 4.6.1-pre1

Viewing a Mac text file (i.e., using ^M as a line separator) with
Shift-F3 doesn't work right.  IMHO, it should recognize ^M properly.

Even if you disagree on that, there is a bug: I expect that ^M is
represented by a `.', but the internal viewer seems to drop ^M

Another problem is that pressing F4 (using an external editor) on a
file while being in a zip archive doesn't do the right thing.  For
example, if the file <foo> is shown in the panel, pressing F4 makes
the editor to edit a *new* file called <foo>.  Either disable that,
saying `I can't edit files in an archive', or make it work, this is,
editing the file <foo> in the archive.  IIRC, a few years ago this
feature has worked...

What do you think about to assign Shift-M4 to always call the internal
editor?  The current behaviour seems inconsistent to me: Still being
in a zip archive, mc calls the internal editor but without a file


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