Re: Ctrl+O problem in FreeBSD


On Mon, 19 Aug 2002 birdie dkart2 asu pstu ac ru wrote:

I'm not sure if you ever discussed this problem but I face it on all
FreeBSDs I have access to: in most cases after pressing Ctrl+O in MC I
can't switch back to MC pressing this keys combination once again -
what's wrong with FreeBSD?

Nothing is wrong with FreeBSD, but something is wrong with you.  When 
reporting problems with software, you should always mention the versions 
of the software involved, in this case those of mc and FreeBSD.  This 
reading can be useful for you.

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way, by Eric Raymond and Rick Moen

How to Report Bugs Effectively, by Simon Tatham

I believe that the problem you describe is fixed in mc-4.5.55.

Pavel Roskin

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