Re: du output?

But I don't think this code will ever be applied to the mc sources.  This
option would make mc too slow, 

I'm not going to make mc reread automatically all subdirs when displaying a dir. As e.g. in FAR manager under 
windows, this should be a key that turns size display on selected dirs, only until you leave the directory. 
So it will only cause delays if you consciously apply it, say, to all dirs from /. But you similarly get 
large delays when you start, say, a grep search in all files from /. 

and most people won't use it. 

Why are you so sure about it? For example, how do you figure out which of your dirs takes most disk space is 
you can't sort them by their du size? Please do a google search on the command "du -s * | sort -n" which does 
exactly this - you'll see it mentioned a lot of times, which shows people do need it quite often.

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