Re: disable verbosity on delete?


I'm using the console version of GNU MC 4.5.51 and think it's great!  
Thanks to all who put in time to get this working!

I think you should take version 4.5.55 or the current snapshot if you want 
your changes to be considered by somebody else.

I'm using 'mc' over a slow link and want ALL verbosity turned off when
deleting files.  I have CONFIGURATION->VERBOSE_OPERATION unchecked,
however when deleting/copying a directory tree, file names are updated
to the screen.

I invoke using 'mc -c -s'.

Is there any way to disable this?  If not, where in the code would this
option be?

The option is represented by the global variable "slow_terminal".  
There is also a global variable "verbose", which is unset if 
"slow_terminal" is set.

You should look into src/file.c and src/filegui.c to see if the "verbose"  
option is used consistently.

Pavel Roskin

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