Re: bug - tmout hang mc


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when shell is bash, and variable TMOUT is set in ex 300 (after 300sec it
off) and i run mc, after 300s mc hang. It take 100% cpu power:)
Could You look at it?

You forgot to mention the version numbers of the software involved (MC and
bash) and the version of your OS.  This document could be useful for you:

I could reproduce this problem with the CVS version of MC, bash-2.05 and 
RedHat Linux 7.2 with kernel 2.4.19-pre5.

I believe this problem is related to another problem.  If you press Ctrl-O
in the editor (you need mc-4.5.55 or a CVS version) and enter "exit" in
the subshell prompt, you will have the same effect.

Apparently, subshell is supposed to be restarted if it dies, but it 
doesn't work for some reason.  I hope to fix this problem before the next 

Pavel Roskin

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