viewing gzipped logs

I have logs rotated with logrotate. It creates log.0, log.1, log.2 and versions 1 and above are 
compressed with gzip.
Ok, now I try to view those compressed logs with mc.
I see the lines are all wrapped :( I think this is the case of:
gzip -dc | nroff -Tlatin1 -mandoc
behaviour of mc for such (.g[zZ]) files. (nroff behaviour?)
Ok - I don't like such wrapping, but never mind.
I think - I'll try it by hand.
$ gunzip daemon.log.1.gz
I enter again mc and try to view new uncompressed file. To my bad surprise :( lines are wrapped :( But 
should not! I turn on hexview in mc and then hexdump for the same file and see that they differ :(
In hexview in mc line endings are changed to space (0x0a -> 0x20), one of spaces before is turned into 
line ending, and afterwards all line endings are ignored.
Could anyone explain me why that happen?
Best regards,

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